Make the Write Choice

Our professionals are highly-skilled, enthusiastic and detail-oriented. With engineering and computer science backgrounds, the Write Choice technical and content writers have the experience and mastery to take your business to the next level.

We also have graphic designers on the team to help us build more visually appealing documents. They use creativity and specialized knowledge to produce engaging content and make customers stick to your brand.

Our Mission

Our goal is to revolutionize how tech companies educate customers on their products through high-quality technical documentation and content.

Choose right

We deliver the highest quality content for the biggest impact. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, working alongside you to ensure the project fits your budget and timeline.

Writers with engineering and software background

Expertise in SaaS, fintech, engineering, and more

Publish your documentation and content in any language

Long-term and strategic partnerships

We become part of your team, but with an external eye

Experience in complex documentation and writing projects

Our Team


Cassiano Moraes

CEO & Founder

Cassiano is an electrical engineer who turned technical writer with a mission to transform the landscape of technical documentation. As founder and CEO of Write Choice, he specializes in crafting user-friendly software and hardware documentation. With over 5 years of hands-on experience, Cassiano leads the Write Choice team, driving innovation and excellence in the field of writing and documentation.

Heitor Tessaro

Lead Technical Writer

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Rafael Moraes

Technical Writer

Rafael hold a bachelor in Food Engineering. After 2 years working in quality control for food companies, he seamlessly transitioned to the tech world, leveraging his skills in developing technical documentation. Currently, at Write Choice, he leads the development, editing, and translation of technical user manuals for hardware and manufacturing.


Laura Martinazzo

Graphic Designer

Laura holds a technician in Graphic Design. She adds creativity and marketing savvy to the team. Specializing in UX design, she makes eye-catching social media visuals and enhances technical documents with engaging graphics. Laura’s approach combines style with practicality, shaping the brand’s look and improving user experience.


Gustavo Bruinsma

Technical Content Writer

Gustavo holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has experience in research and development in power electronics and control systems for renewable energy, energy storage systems, and electric vehicles. His experience includes hardware and software implementation, testing, and technical documentation. At Write Choice, Gustavo develops technical content and hardware documentation.


Jade Thomaz

Content Writer & Translator

Jade holds a degree in Linguistics, driven by a curiosity about the world of languages. After several years as a teacher, she discovered a way to apply her knowledge in the tech world and made the transition to UX Writing. At Write Choice, Jade is involved in Content Design, Content Writing, and Translation/Localization.


Gabriel Gonçalves

Technical Writer | Developer


Lucas Soté

Technical Writer


Angela Baffini

Content Writer

Angela holds a degree in Linguistics and Literature. She has spent over 5 years working as a copywriter, UX writer, translator, and proofreader. At Write Choice, Angela works with help docs, transcriptions, and content writing. Her greatest passion lies in reading, learning about new cultures and languages. Also, she really love playing card and board games, in particular, poker.


Helena Albino

Marketing Associate

Helena is a former engineer who transitioned from the industry to work with innovation and communication. She has worked with marketing focused on tech companies for the past seven years. Recently, her focus has been content creation, e-mail communication, and marketing automation. After work, you can find her studying dance and singing.